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How does StarOfService work?

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A client submits a request.

  • Clients use StarOfService to search local professionals to help them accomplish their personal projects.
  • They answer specific questions about their needs.
  • StarOfService reviews every client request to ensure it's legitimate.
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If you are interested, qualified and available, you can reply back with an offer to the client.

  • StarOfService sends this request via email and/or text to all relevant Pros.
  • You decide if you wish to send an offer to the client.

You send an offer

  • Your custom offer includes a personal message and a price estimate.
  • Alongside your offer, we'll automatically send your StarOfService profile containing past work, qualifications, contact details, and reviews.
  • You only pay when: the client contacts you; the client consults your phone number; you get the client's phone number or StarOfService sends you directly the client's contact.

Get hired, and let us know!

  • Typically 1–2 other professionals will also reply to the client.
  • The client compares quotes and decides who to contact
  • You and the client work out the details through StarOfService, over the phone, or in person

How do I get hired?

Write clear and professional messages

爱博体育下载 Your message is the client's first impression of you. Make it a good one! Be sure to address any issues the client raised and respond to their specific needs. Set a competitive price and be clear what your price includes and what you can or cannot do. Finally, pay attention to the small things: address the client by name, make no spelling or grammar mistakes, and sign by name.

Give a price estimate

Set a competitive quote and detail what your offer entails. Quotes or price lists are not final. You will be able to adjust them when you learn more about the specifics of the request.

Get reviews

Pros with 1 review get hired 66% more than Pros with no reviews. Pros with 5 or more reviews get hired 75% more than Pros with no reviews. Clients show us reviews are a major factor in their decision of who to hire. Take the time to ask your clients to review your work. Make sure the reviews are credible; nobody is 100% perfect.

Create a winning profile

Make an emotional connection with the client by adding a photo of yourself – be sure to show your smiling face. Exhibit what you can do by including images and videos of your past work. Consider using a professional photographer to really show off your work. Then, demonstrate your expertise and credentials by describing your experience and skills. And build trust by adding a professional license, doing a background check, or linking to your website and social media profiles.

Don't give up!

Many Pros have doubled or even tripled their turnover by simply responding consistently to clients' requests. For a majority of Pros on StarOfService, it takes around 10 tries to get their first hire. You can succeed, too – by being persistent and experimenting to see what works. Write different types of messages; learn to recognize what fits you best and what works best for you.


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