StarOfService creates a world where you can easily find professional help for any type of service.
Our co-founders

Lucas Lambertini

CEO and co-founder

爱博体育下载Lucas is co-founder and CEO of StarOfService. He's in charge of StarOfService's strategic vision, search for growth opportunities, adoption and adherence to corporate culture, and of the visual aesthetics of the platform enabling millions of professionals to develop their services. Under Lucas's directorship, StarOfService has become a leader in the French and European markets. Lucas is a graduate of the EDC where he obtained a Master's in entrepreneurship.

Toni Paignant

Paratrooper and co-founder

Toni is the co-founder and paratrooper of StarOfService. Armed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, it was actually in his apartment that the StarOfService platform was born. Toni graduated from EDC where he obtained a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship.

Mael Leclair

Technology Architect and co-founder

Maël is the Technology Architect and co-founder at StarOfService. He is a graduate of ICAM and he had several professional experiences before creating StarOfService.


We surround ourselves with the best marketplace experts.

Marcel Beemsterboer
Marketplace investor
Mariusz Gralewski
Frédéric Mazzella
Bla Bla Car
Francis Nappez
Bla Bla Car
Klaus Nyengaard
Just Eat
Silvio Pagliani
Andrea Piccioni
Mateusz Romanowski
Tech entrepreneur
Oleg Tscheltzoff
Ralph Werner
Rasmus Wolff
Just Eat
...and many others

StarOfService already raised more than 10 million euros from leading international investors.

StarOfService is an innovative and fast-growing startup. If you are an investor and are keen to join in the adventure to help us make StarOfService a global success, please contact us at

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爱博体育下载We're making a difference in the lives of businesses and consumers all over the world and loving every minute of it.

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