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Every day, thousands of clients choose StarOfService to find Pros close to home. We are proud to say that a majority of our Pros have doubled or tripled their sales thanks to StarOfService. We'll do everything we can for you to reach this result too.

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    Clients use StarOfService to hire Pros to help them complete their projects. Clients define their needs by answering a series of questions, and we transfer those requests directly to you. Our Pros help people with some of the most important things in their lives—painting their homes, teaching their kids, photographing their weddings.

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    You can define the specifics of the services you offer and receive only relevant requests. Notify us when you are travelling or are unable to work, and you'll only have to reply to requests that match your schedule. You can even ask questions to your clients before giving them a quote.

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    We put you in touch with new clients. They post their requests on StarOfService, and we send them to you. Regular clients enable you to enhance your expertise. Some professionals find 75% of their business through StarOfService.

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    爱博体育下载Using StarOfService is a breeze, whether you're at home on your computer or out and about using your phone. If you have any questions, our customer service is always ready to help.

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    爱博体育下载Join a large and ever-expanding community. We're proud of our community, and we know that our success relies on the success of professionals like you.

Who are our Pros ?

爱博体育下载Today, more than 100,000 service professionals across the country use StarOfService to grow their businesses. They provide services in more than 900 categories.

爱博体育下载StarOfService efficiently links prospective clients to my photography services. StarOfService also allows me to meet people I would not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. The reviews on my profile, all of which are very enthusiastic, provide me with excellent exposure (and make me very happy).

Cyprien L. is a photographer

By becoming a StarOfService Pro, Cyprien gains access to an ever-expanding client base attracted by the flexibility and portability of a site like StarOfService. Each time a client posts a request in his area, Cyprien receives an alert.

StarOfService enables me to book private events on top of my regular nights. The site is very convenient. I can organise my schedule directly online, and select events I'm interested in and available for.

Alex is a DJ

爱博体育下载StarOfService helps Alex find new clients to share his musical culture with and see people positively respond to the tracks he mixes. Their dancing and smiling are his motivation!

StarOfService helps me find clients in my area when I'm in France. Using this platform to plan my next performances is really convenient.

Jimmy is a saxophonist

Jimmy is a DJ, saxophonist, and singer--and he just loves his job! He works internationally a lot, primarily in Asia and Europe. He has been travelling the world with his music for 20 years. At StarOfService, we are proud to help this entertainer find new clients and manage his business. In fact, he explains: "As I am not always in France, using StarOfService to contact clients and book future performances is extremely convenient." StarOfService is there to help entertainers like Jimmy who have made their passion a profession and wish to share it with as many people as possible. We are especially pleased to see Jimmy's satisfied clients!

StarOfService helps me a lot. Many thanks to the whole StarOfService team for their availability.

Jean-Michel L. is a psychoanalyst

Jean Michel is a StarOfService Gold member. He has been practicing psychoanalysis for close to forty years. He enjoys the fact that StarOfService allows him to reach clients a lot more easily.

StarOfService helps me find more clients than I would by word of mouth, and connects me with clients I would not have met otherwise!

Youmna C. is an interior designer

爱博体育下载Youmna Chami is an interior designer bursting with creative ideas. StarOfService allows her to meet rewarding clients. She often becomes friends with them and even brought her last StarOfService clients along with her to discover Lebanon.

爱博体育下载StarOfService really helps me get in touch with potential clients. It's a good tool, and since I started using it, I have received excellent returns!

Xavier M. is a Gourmet Caterer

爱博体育下载Xavier M. works with his wife, Laetitia, and their collaborator, Lucie. They've spent nearly 10 years building their catering and private chef service. In fact, since graduating from the catering college of Nice in 1993, he's worked in a kitchen until he created "Aux Mille Saveurs" in 2006. The dozens of positive reviews on his profile provide more exposure and inspire more confidence from potential clients. The visibility and recognition of independent businesses on StarOfService, but also on the Internet in general and Google in particular, has increased tenfold.

Join our community

爱博体育下载Join a large community that never stops growing. We are proud of our community, and we know that our success depends on the success of professionals like you.

I was looking for a top-quality caterer for an important event. The professionals I found on your site all had excellent reputations. I absolutely do not regret my choice, since the food was delicious!

Martine P.

爱博体育下载Martine P. chose StarOfService to hire a caterer for her 50th wedding anniversary. They had a feast!

Through the site, I was contacted by a friendly and efficient mechanic. It took him less than three quarters of an hour to change what needed on my car. And for almost nothing.

Patrick K.

Patrick K. found a mechanic in a matter of minutes, and was able to communicate with him very quickly.

爱博体育下载I discovered StarOf Service when I needed to redo the tiling of my bathroom at short notice. The Pro I hired was very professional, and my experience was more than positive. StarOfService seems to be a quick, easy way to find qualified service professionals. I highly recommend it!

Bertrand L.

Bertrand L. was looking for a tiler to redo his 10 m² bathroom.

爱博体育下载We were able to offer the guests at our daughter's wedding a great meal that was enjoyed by all. We were lucky to book such an excellent caterer through StarOfService.

Marie L.

Marie L. looked for a caterer on StarOfService because she did not know who to turn to and wanted to have access to previous clients' reviews. She promised herself she would always use StarOfService from now on.

爱博体育下载The work was done quickly and very neatly. It was easy to find a top-quality Pro. I can recommend StarOfService.

Christopher R.

Christopher R. used StarOfService to find an electrician for the complete electrical renovation of a 54 m² apartment in Limoges. The renovation was particularly challenging due to the age of the building.

爱博体育下载Virginie, our wedding planner, was wonderful. I'm really glad our paths crossed through StarOfService.

Anouar A.

爱博体育下载Anouar studied the portfolios of several wedding planners and their quotes before choosing the perfect Pro, who helped him organise the best day of his life.

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